Cervical osteoporosis is troublesome. Be that as it may, it can be dealt with. I recommend you attempt an extremely fascinating formula. After its application, you won’t feel torment for quite a long while.

It is a blend for back rub that is set up of with grungy vegetable oil and salt (you can utilize seawater).

Cured blend is arranged once for the whole course of pharmaceutical. You will require: 10 tablespoons of salt, 20 tablespoons oil (olive, sunflower).

The therapeutic compound for the treatment of osteochondrosis.


Blend salt and oil in glass bottles. Close. Following a couple days you will get a light blend.

Each morning ought to be greased up with a lively back rub, on the cervical vertebrae in spots where you feel torment. The main back rub ought to keep going for 2-3 minutes, consistently including another 2-3 minutes, in the long run conveying the back rub time to 20 minutes. In the wake of completing the back rub, wipe the neck with warm material.

In actualizing such strategies it might be brought on minor skin bothering. In this way, after the finish of the back rub, wipe the skin with a dry fabric and sprinkle with youngsters’ powder.

10-day treatment course will stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue. The results are most visible after 8-10 procedures.

It restores blood flow in the neck area of the spine, headaches disappear andit improves vision. This is linked with the fact that the body is free from the toxin, which in turn normalize metabolism.

In the process of cleaning you may feel a little sleepy or dizzy. But it does not happen often. As a rule, the treatment of osteochondrosis in this way runs without side effects, and provides excellent results.

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