You have to work off more than you take in, and sometimes burning 3500 calories over your intake seems like a lot of work just to lose 1 pound.

In the beginning of my -115lb weight loss, I incorporated everything I used to eat into my new lifestyle. However, over time I have eliminated many of these food items to aid my weight loss. Check them out and share the things you’ve given up in the comments below…


1. Soda
It should not be surprising that the carbonated sweet drinks are #1 on my list. Diet sodas are full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners known to actually slow your weight loss, and the non-diet versions can add tons of unnecessary sugar and calories. Did you know one can of non-diet soda per day can add as many as 15lbs of weight gain throughout a year?

2. Chips out of the bag or Crackers out of the box.
I spent a lot of years mindlessly snacking through my favorite television programs and binge-eating while I binge-watched Netflix. So rather than eat from the container and end up overeating, now I either buy the pre-portioned packages or I portion my snack out into a small bowl. Then the bowl, the single serving and I can watch “Gilmore Girls” while the box goes back in the cupboard.

3. Cheese Slices.
Don’t get me wrong, cheese is delicious and I still eat my fair share. But I found that when I had cheese slices in my home, I would find an excuse to eat them with everything. So these, my friends, are known as a “trigger food” for me. Some trigger foods (like peanut M&Ms) I have learned to moderate and manage, but cheese slices are on the permanent no-fly list in my house because I can’t!

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