Women who suffer from depression, fatty liver, high cholesterol level, pre-diabetes and gall bladder problems may struggle to lose weight and stay healthy. Unexplained weight gain has been linked to hormonal imbalances. As women grow older, they are more likely to experience this problem.

Have you suddenly gained unexplained weight ? As you grow older your hormones become more less and less balanced than they were before and this is the cause of unexplained weight gain.

Why You Should Reset Hormones

Various inflammations can affect your receptors and this is the reason, why some hormones become ineffective. The receptors are locks that needs to be unlocked by hormones in our body so that they can do their work.

These are the following reasons why receptors may not be working:

  1. Products like: grain drain from wheat, rye, barley, and corn can be the cause of receptors not responding.
  2. constant exposure to xenoestrogens, substances which mimic estrogen, in our diet, environment, and our personal care products
  3. meat, dairy and eggs from animals treated with growth hormones
  4. consuming sugar, alcohol and caffeine can also cause this problem
  5. high fructose intake, from high fructose corn syrup and even from natural foods like unsweetened applesauce and tomatoes
  6. stress, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and sleep deprivation

Change Your Daily Routine to Tune Up Your Hormones

Changing your daily routine can give your hormones more balance and you will have command over your weight and health.

Read below for more information about hormones in women’s bodies and how to balance them.

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