11. Box Step Squat

Squat and take a step ahead, is perfect to shape the sides of your butt!

12. Bridge with Leg Extension

Go into the normal bridge position, while extending one leg forward, to flex the glute muscles.

13. Booty Lifts

This exercise is excellent for your hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles.

14. Single Leg Wall Lunges

This one exercise targets the butt, as well as the thighs!

15. Hip Extensions

This common, yet intense exercise, is great for getting the ideal butt shape!

16. Scissor Kicks

This is a fun, intense, and unique exercise that will perfectly tone your butt!

17. Barbell Hip Thrust

Super difficult, but highly effective is what defines this exercise!

18. Booty Blaster

Just like the name suggests, this exercise will leave you with intense cramps! In a good way though.

19. Side Kick

This exercise is a must to give your butt the ideal shape!

20. Butt Sit Kick

Sit and kick, and give your butt muscles an intense boost!

Try the above mentioned exercises, and you are bound to see the results within just a few days!

Source: www.fireupfitness.com

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